Jenna J Adrian


Cory Scott Martin

Jenna J Adrian and Cory Scott Martin

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Our Love Story

June 2011, Jenna was moving into her first apartment downtown. Right next door, Cory had already gotten settled into his new place. When the girls pulled up with their moving trucks and boxes, could anyone really expect 20 year old Cory and his roommates not to eye the new neighbors? It was that moment, that Cory knew he had to meet Jenna...but what he didn't know, was someday, that girl would become his wife.

From the day we first met in college, to our lives as they are now, we've spent the past 7 years growing together and falling in love in the beautiful city of Chicago. No matter where our journey takes us, Chicago will always be home. We couldn't imagine celebrating our wedding day anywhere else. It was here that we had our first date: dinner and a movie, ending with a cruise down Lake Shore Drive. Our first kiss: the top of a UIC building that Cory had to sneak me up on (I had to crawl through windows and walk on ledges. It was worth it.) To the biggest moment in our relationship thus far: the proposal!

February 13th, Cory suggested we grab cupcakes. A normal day, because Sprinkles cupcakes are a substantial part of our relationship (as they should be). Little did I know, this trip would end up at the Adler Planetarium...a place where we've shared lots of laughter, some tears, long talks about our lives and, of course, fireworks. Words can't even begin to explain the perfection of that night in particular though. When he got down on one knee, just the two of us in front of the entire city, the overwhelming feeling of pure bliss set in. This was the start of our life together.

While we've come a long way since that day we first met, we still have so much more ahead...and we could not be happier to share the excitement with all of you before, during, and after our big city wedding! From the both of us, thank you for celebrating this moment in our lives and cheers to the good times ahead.


Cory and Jenna
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